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What is your most effective form of advertising?

Simply put, what is the most effective form of advertising that you’ve found for your products and services?

I come from a home growers network with over 25,000 registered growers. I have maybe… ohhh… like 45 or 46 active vendors on the site that do product testing and advertising with us. We’ve been told by many of our vendors that the most effective form of advertising they find online is not banners, not advertisements, but actually just getting product into the hands of growers and having them show their peers/community (which is great, because we’ve build a product performance testing platform for our vendors that provides some great R&D opportunities!)

That’s just one example of something I have some direct involvement in.

How about you? What is the best return on your dollars? Trade shows? Local events?

Here’s a crazy question I had, does anyone here do any community outreach? I was in 4-H club as a kid, I can’t tell you how many miles of highway I used to help pick trash out of as a young person (or the amount of poopy diapers people throw out of moving vehicles, jeeeeeez!)

What works?
What doesn’t work?
Any labor of loves you do regardless of if they work or don’t work (we all have our quirks, right?)

Let’s hear them!

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Word of mouth is what we rely on. If you have a good product, people will spread the word for you and best of all, they’ll basically sell the product for you.

In a highly competetive space like ours, getting mindshare is important, but it all starts with good products. If your products arent the best (not judging, people need budget options too), then I would assume blanketing ads in magazines or billboards will help capture new consumers or those that are easily persuaded by advertising.