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What other categories would you like to see?

A jobs/careers board? An events calendar? Anything else?

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to keep discussions categorized (one of the major advantages of forums over facebook groups!) I would suggest the following subcategories under growing, or maybe even a complete new category “cultivation technology”, with the following sub-categories:

  • Lighting
  • Climate
  • Fertigation (watering systems)
  • Substrates
  • Nutrients
  • Pest / disease control
  • Control systems / automation
  • Process control systems

When the forum grows you can have sub categories under lighting, such as:

  • HPS
  • LED
  • CMH/MH
  • CFL/Induction
  • Plasma
  • Hybrid systems

For the grow forums categories may be appropriate too:

  • Show your grow
  • Growing pains (share your issues)
  • Grow strategies (many different ways of coming to the same result, or maybe a better result?)

Great suggestions Theo! We do want to add more granular sub-categories although I don’t want to add to many categories too soon. It can have the effect of making it harder for people to figure out where to post in the beginning, and make the forum look empty. It’s kind of like having a party in a mansion like Downton Abbey. If you open up every room in the mansion, but only have 10 guests, then they’ll get lost wandering around and will find themselves as the only person in a room with nobody to talk to. Once you have a massive party you can open up the whole mansion to accommodate everyone and the diverse conversations, but in the beginning you keep everyone in one or two rooms and close off the other rooms.

I will take your list and add it to the list of starter topics to initiate in the existing forums. Once those topics take off and we have enough ongoing conversation around them then I’ll create the sub-forum and move the existing conversations to them. Feel free also to start conversations around any of these topics to help get things going.


Just want to save you a lot of work re-distributing the topics afterwards - been there, done that :wink:

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A business, marketing one - more focused on building cannabis businesses, market development, licencing and legal issues etc?

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Agreed @theo - although that’s just part of my job description :slight_smile:

Good idea @nathan, and we do have several topics about business and marketing, so it might be we have enough to get that category started. I count them up and see if it warrants moving them to a new category.


Ok @nathan - the Business and Marketing category is now live here. Thanks for the suggestion!