What’s the best light for homegrowers right now

Price and performance not looking at building one…

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Well thats a can of worms question. Whats the budget?
Bloom or vegging. Or a full cycle light? T5 Cmh MH HPS?


It all depends on how big of a space. Full cycle in a 3x3 tent? A CMH 315w will do an incredible job.

Let us know how much space you’re working with at home and we can give a suggestion to fit.


Yes @devjyarn is right. We need a little more info to help point you in the direction you need. Sorry for my short response earlier as i was working and not supposed to be on the phone.

There is so many options.
Have you looked at growers house light packages yet? They have great options. I still use there ultra sun light i bought there. It has 3 dimming options. Because i like to have 1000watts but turn it down a little because that many watts will be hot.
We need this info

  1. Grow room/tent size.
  2. Air/fans? to move hot air out fresh in for plants
  3. $ budget
    @devjyarn suggestion of the 315cmh is a really good one. I would like one also but i have way to many lights lol. And i have more on the way.
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3x3 tent, no budget per se, just want to hit the ppfd levels and light spectrum, probably LED/COB

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This is what I run in my 2x2x4 tent… Great lights… Bspec might be better for veg to keep them shorter … But rspec kills it full run


Mars hydro ts2000 might be one to consider. You should be able to mount it at the top of your 3x3 and never have to move it, but get a ton of light as your plants grow taller.


I use 2 marshydro ts600 in my 4x4. Im loving it so far! Had then for about a month now!


Great lights :100:… They will serve any indoor home grower well just as the HLG… Quality lighting :call_me_hand::seedling::herb::palm_tree:


Man for veg i still use a MH. That blue kills it.


The ones I use :slight_smile: lol. That’s why I bought 250 of them

I have HLG and Spiderfarmer lights both have been flawless in my grow.,