What’s the difference between ‘homegrown’ and pro

I consider my self a pro I have a license and know lots of breeders and care givers . But I am not a master I have 10 years under my belt but being master means u can grow under any changed environment weather it’s a field or a large ware house with the best tools and gear . I do not think it matters what u have access to but what you can do with any material kuz u will always need some type of nutrient wether it is organic or synthetic . Masters can run light systems computerized no problem know how to use air and larges hydro and aquaponic systems or they can jus grow in dirt so being versital I would think


Usually they have some sort of degree or business in the field like the woman who tought me and I worked under had multiple agriculture degrees and was jus insane I shouldn’t have quit but was young and dumb and we’re actually still friends