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What stage, height and how many times do people TOP there plant

So when do people top there plants and how many times do you do it.

What stage and height do you wait for to do it, asking as would like to keep my size down and heard you get more heads of bigger buds and more control over size etc.

Thanks guys, more knowledge on this site than anywhere else.


Hey @ado666

It really depends on you. I think people only top a plant once during its lifecycle and really up to you, your space/height limitations. I sometimes top my outdoor plants to keep them shorter as we have big winds here that tend to break stems of bigger lanky plants.


I followed some guidance here that I can’t recall details of LOL … but, I did all of my plants at day 49 of vegetation. I topped half and fimmed half. I totally prefer the end results of the topping. I’ll never FIM again.

Did it again weeks later, but only FIM’d them all for the second round on day 101. This was before I knew the end results. I never noticed any results at all from this FIM nor the first TIM. All my FIM’d plants were the shape of xmas trees and I don’t think I got any extra colas like was promised. Maybe I FIM’d wrong, if there was such a thing knowing the FIMing is actually the real fuckup of a top. LOL

The reason I topped and fimmed were to make my plants shorter so as to not let them grow higher than my fence. I have no idea if/how this affected my bud size. I was pleasantly pleased when the topped plants made two large colas and the plants were much shorter than the fimmed plants later on.

Next time, I’ll top around the same time and top again later at least once. Pics of my topping and fimming are in my journal. First time on 6/10 and second time on 8/2. Later you can see the huge difference between topping and fimming. Fimming made for a tall xmas tree and topping made for more colas and shorter by almost a foot.

This is such a great site, I really love it here.