What to do when you need to store pollen?

In the past pollen was stored in a plastic bag in the fridge or a film canister in the freezer. Those methods controlled the temperature of storage but didn’t really preserve moisture content of the pollen.
So…Use a CVault instead, sold with Boveda packs!!

Here is an awesome grower storing pollen in a CVault!!!

Testimonials from our current customers:

“These are perfect for live rosins… Also I like putting slabs in here so they don’t butter up. You guys really have a great product I need to my hands on the pound holder for road trips.”

“These Cvaults are the bomb. They keep flower in the best possible condition. I would love to see one the size of a 25 gallon stackable storage tub.”

For more information, you are welcome to send me a message @gwswanson62

Mr. CVault


Very familiar with your brand! Excellent work!:cowboy_hat_face: