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What to do with all that trim?

Exactly! Post must be 10 characters blah blah blah lol.


Making some quick wash tincture, today. I have 200 grams of sugar trim decarbing in mason jars in the oven at 240°F. After it’s done and is cooled I’ll:

  1. Add enough frozen Ever Clear to just cover the material & tighten lid.

  2. Shake the heck out of it for about 3 minutes.

  3. Place it in the coldest part of the freezer for an hour, then shake vigorously, and refreeze for another hour.

  4. Remove from freezer, shake vigorously & strain.

  5. Rinse remaining material with another shot or 2 of Ever Clear.

  6. To evaporate alcohol: place liquid in shallow glass pie pan & leave in a warm, dark place for several days. You can use a warming plate to gently heat it, but too much heat makes disgusting tasting tincture.

When it’s the consistency of sugar water/watery honey, it’s ready for most uses. It should be a golden color, not green & not black.

Don’t forget to have plenty of ventilation!


Hey, don’t forget to pull off all the stray calyxes from the branches, too. I had a box of branches from my last 2 grows that I was saving to do this with. Waste not, want not!

Will go into the tincture.


I always really liked watching the funky skunk guys process of making hash

Trim bin works pretty well. It’s great for “catching” but this can get really good results if your a fan of kief/hash which I’m not except to coat buds with

This guy “kills it” in a dry ice run in this short video @turnernathaniel


Bookmarking all of this.


Ok, now to allow as much solvent to evaporate off as possible. This batch, I will use a warming pad set at 80F to slowly evaporate off the alcohol:

After 30 mins on the warming pad:

Transferred to a pyrex pie plate this morning. After evaporating for 24 hours:

Still needs another half day or so. The pie plate was filled to the very top to start.

After approximately 36 hours:

I am going to bottle it up, now, but will leave the cap off for a bit.

I ended up with 4oz of nice tincture and 6 grams of hash oil. There was so much oil in the tincture, I decided to not even worry about the bigger blobs that coagulated together. Instead of putting them in with the tincture like I would normally do, I just seperated them out to use in making Happy Taffy (like tootsie rolls and cheba chews).

So, now I can dose sublingually (about 16 drops), add a couple full droppers to food/drink, and make some candy. Not bad for using just sugar leaves.


Really nice.


I want a nice, chocolate bar looking hunk of hash so badly!


I haven’t had hash in years…


I usually just throw it along with any other buds that I am using for capsules into my MB2e machine that @Ladithief turned me onto. Now it is used all the time!


@BudBrother here are some recipes for you. I’m still looking for that other one for you :wink:


@Packee and I make the best local hash there is… hardcore people are tapping out before a whole joint is smoked…lol… problem to break even it’s 50-60/gr…lol…


Ladi I have no doubt about that! I’m sure I would probably tap out also lol you two have this down to a science… literally :wink:


That sounds good. Will you explain it please?


I remember at ‘new morning coffee shop’ in Lexington, Kentucky, my home town, this guy had a ball of this brownish-pinkish hash. He rolled into a tighter ball, dropped in the bowl, quickly pulled some heat over the ball, then poured it out into his hands and proceeded to grind the ball into dust with his fingers and it broke up into a big pile and he loaded all that into a bowl, there was about 20 people in that session, everyone of us was knocked to the floor


Awesome item. That store is the izz. Good stuff. I had to bookmark the site in Chrome.


The recipe is exactly like @Ladithief teaches, he and Otto taught me. Have you seen his recipe? If not, I would be happy to explain it.

Thanks, MacG, I appreciate the help!


It is one of my most used extraction tools I have… more then the press and washing machine and closed loop (R.I.P Otto)…


Hey, all, I finished the tincture. I just kept everything posted above, so it’s easier to follow my process.

This isn’t anything fancy. I just used everyday items and patience to get some goodies. I spent $42 on the Ever Clear, but otherwise no extra money or special equipment needed to do this.