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What TV are you watching at the moment?

I’m catching up on my backlog and watching Torchwood on Netflix. You can see the Doctor Who influence for sure. John Barrowman is plenty entertaining no matter what he is in though.

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I’m currently watching Westworld, here is the trailer:


How is Westworld? I’ve been debating adding it to my list.

Nothing better than Artificial Intelligence and Anthony Hopkins. Definitely a must watch! The first season is only two episodes in, as of right now.

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sounds like a win - going on my list!

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I’ve been watching Jessica Jones lately. Good film noir mixed with superhero stuff.

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Love that show. I’m assuming you’ve watched Daredevil as well?

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Yup. Excellent stuff.

I watched the first few episodes on HBO Go and I’m hooked. My wife wasn’t liking the rape and violence themes and refuses to watch anymore… I guess she only has room for one Rape and violence show (Game of Thrones).

I watched the first episode of “Best Buds” last night, produced by Leafly. It had me laughing on several occasions. I’ll be checking out each episode as it comes out. Here’s the link if anyones interested

Off topic a little, but still in the realm of tv… Here’s a commercial that came out a few months back in Oregon. I grew up in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, and I thought this commercial really represented the Portland/Portlandia vibe. The tunes really catchy too and I found myself humming it for weeks.


The Best Buds show looks interesting - thanks for sharing that.

I love the commercial too and it does remind me of the show Portlandia. Which reminds me, I have to catch up on the latest season of that.

One other show I’ve been digging a lot lately is Last Man on Earth. It’s on the third season and still as hilariously funny as it was at the start. Check it out if you like morbid humor about the end of the world.

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A must watch. I learned a lot from this video


Interesting, I’d never heard of using cannabis that way.

Rick Simpson showing how to make Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil.



Great stuff, although I’m a little concerned about the concept of using acetone or benzine as a solvent for something to consume. I know isopropanol is safe, stuff evaporates quickly.

I just started watching Sneaky Pete last night, and wow! I’ve always love Giovanni Ribisi as an actor and it’s great to see him get to star in his own show. And of course Bryan Cranston is fabulous as the villain. Highly recommend!


I have been watching Growing Exposed recently, a web series that tours growing facilities. It is great to see this type of content being produced, but I still think it could be done better.

Here is their best episode in my opinion, episode 5:

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