What up my guys , here’s what we got going on in the Auto Tent

Sup guys !!

Check out my autos
Blue Dream :sleeping:
Blueberry 🫐
And Low Ryder

Are the genetics :dna: being ran in lab :lab_coat:

Day 77 from seed ; 27days of flower (week 3-4)

Dry Nutes

4-4-4 all purpose
Bat guano
Kelp meal
Flower girl Bud & Bloom
Worm castings for microbes :microbe:
Watered with RO water from Walmart water dispenser lol :joy:
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For whatever reason all your pictures say Processing: and the number of the picture…but no picture.

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Hi @kolafwet

Thanks for sharing, unfortunately the images did not upload correctly. Can you try again?

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I’m still not sure how folks can hit post before they load…

It won’t let me post until they completely upload for me.

It’s so strange I’ll try to update it , I think it’s either my phone not being updated, or the app not being up to date, my bad guys

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Ooooo don’t tease a fella. Myrcene dominant strains are my favorite. :drooling_face:

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If your pictures are too big they will not download. I have found if I try to load more than three at a time most of the time they won’t all download.