What's this?

Have just discovered this on one of my plants. Could it be bleaching from light? Bud rot? Too hot?

Sorry the top picture I’m meaning the browning of the leaves mid way down the bud

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Bud rot? Your probably to moist? Whats your humidity? And is there air flow in there?

Jumping between 42 and 39% looks so much different to bud rot I’ve seen in the past

Interesting RH what temp are you at?. Is this also outdoor? Some times it only take a few drops of liquid on some buds to start it.

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24c so 75.2f. Indoor. They’re right at the end of flush ready to chop in the next day

Well chop away friend they look delicious anyways. You know the more I look at it. It looks like maybe a nutrient burn. like something got splashed onto that area. But some plants will consume the leaves as they finish during the flowering cycle. I would cut that leaf off in case. And then inspect below them. It may just be that area.

Yea I did do a defoliation a couple days back and had just moved my note bottles. May have had some residue on my fingers

Yeah that makes more sense. False alarm. Lol what strain is that?

Not a clue mate. Just got clones off a dude that use the come to my old work haha. His name was jaffe but I called him heffe as a joke so I’m naming it big heffe until anyone has a better idea haha