When do i switch my 45w seedling led for my 100w 4k hlg light?

Currently using a 45 watt 6 band full spectrum led light to get my seeds going, was wondering when i should switch over to my 100 watt 4k hlg light? Do i wait for a certain amount of leaves? Certain amount of nodes? When i switch my 6-7 inch seedling into its final medium? First time grower so feel free to over explain. Thanks in advance for your help and information.

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Kinda depends on how big your gonna grow the plant.

If it is 6" - 7" tall them either light will probably work.

Instead of the question being how big of a plant do you want?..let’s change it to, “how much do you wanna yield?”

I’m assuming you have an even larger light that’s color temperature is more in the 3000k or less to flower with right?


Its a 2x2 tent, 5 feet of working space from bottom of pot and and 1 autoflower plant. Id like to fill the space for maximum yield. Have a scrogg net trellis thingy if thats important info. The hlg 4k is only big light i have. Ty for your time.