Where can I go from here? (looking for advice)

Hello! Just looking for some general advice / suggestions on how to progress my current grow.
If you like, you can read my journal (with lots of pictures!) thus far here: Inkfromblood's grow #1 - #52 by inkfromblood

I feel I have a good start on things so far. Here is what I have going on:
2’x2’ Tent with SF1000 - currently has 4 plants:
3 GSC, and 1 Snow White - in Mother Earth 70/30 Coco, in 1 gallon pots.

2’x4’ Tent with SF2000 - 2 plants:
1 GSC, and 1 Gorilla Glue - in Mother Earth 70/30 Coco, in 5 gallon pots.

All plants fed with CalMag + GH Flora Trio + GH Diamond Nectar

I initially germinated 8 seeds, because I figured if some go bad or die whatever, I’d have backups.
One did not make it past germination, an one I gave one plant away to a friend.

All the rest are looking good. The 5 gallon plants, I have topped, and started to LST.
The 1 gallon plants I have topped.

My plan was to just fill the 2’x4’ tent with a nice canopy of the two plants trained, and trellised.
But I’m not sure what I should do with the remaining four 1 gallon pots.

Would it make sense to just try to keep them small and in veg until I harvest the other two?
Does that seem feasible to keep them in veg that long?

Or would it just make more sense to grow them in the space they’re in to flower and just start the next batch from seed again?

I suppose I’m not sure what to expect if I want to leave them in the 1 gallon pots, or if it would be better to remove two, and transplant the remaining 2 into 5 gallon pots, so I’d have two and two.

Next question: My plants are 42 days in from the day I put seeds in paper towels.
But they just got to 6 nodes a couple days ago, which is when I started topping and training.
Based on some other charts and schedules I’ve read, that seems a little slow to me. Am I mistaken? I guess I’m thrown off by the GH FLora charts that list VEG period as only being three weeks.

Well, if you read all this thank you! Hoping to learn more about what I might do from here on out, as well as for next time!

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What I would do in your situation is take clones from the Snow White and the best GSC in the 1 gallon pots and once they root throw those clones in solo cups and keep them small. Then flower the 1 gallons in your 2X4 with the 2 5gal girls. Try to maximize tops in your big tent and trim lowers for light. Or do the 2 in one tent and 2 in the other but only after you get clones since once the big girls come down youll have some that wont take nearly as long as from seed and you’ll already know what they’ll look like/grow like. Plants even in solo cups can get big so thats why I suggest clones so often. Now I’m just spitballin here there are many more qualified people on this fourm that are way smarter than me.

Picture is just to give you an idea of how big girls can get in solo cups. I use them for most of my projects because of the footprint. Their in a 2X4 tent in this picture btw.


i would keep them small u can keep them in 1 gallon grow bags their whole life U may get a couple of ounces out of them. Its all up to ur situation u have the extra room I assume all ur plants are fems so u could also go the cloning route its really up to u . Lots of options


That sounds like a brilliant idea! I never even considered that. Now I just gotta read up on cloning!
Thanks so much!


I went the easy route. I use root riot plugs and cloneX gel and put them in a cheap burpee starter dome. Good enough for 4 or 6 clones at a time and works great. Got the plugs and clonex at the local hydro shop and the dome at Walmart it was part of a kit.


Dude, I really like that idea.