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Where should I vent the ac into room?

Hey guys I have window unit that I’m going to box in and bring the cool air into my garden? Bottom right ducting is hooked up to a 6inch fan that pulls air threw 2 Blockbuster hoods 600watt HPS lights. On the opposite side of grow room in top left corner is 8inch Can Fan that pulls hot air out of room. My question is this. Do I take the ac air threw ducting that passes threw hoods or cut hole in wall and bring ac air directly into room?

Any Suggestions? Just got new iPhone so I’m trying to figure out how to show pictures so it’s more clear


Not to sure on the question except on how the air travels. Point to remember is it must be cool and stay cool as long as possible. Cool air comes from below and hot air rises. So following basic principles like that will give you your answer?

Depending on your temperature now is a question if you should run it through the hoods. WHat is your temp now inside your rooms with two 600watts. Those two lights when on full should raise the room temp by about 10 celcius.

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@chrisj I just flipped to 12/12 Friday night. Lights on 8PM off 8AM. Was in room tell bout 3am and it never got above 77 with door open. But heat is comeing and and yea the lights definitely heat the room and most of my shop. Going to town will try to post pictures when I get to a computer and you can get a better idea of what I’m talking bout. Will post pics in 30min sit tight and thanks for replying so quickly

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You have a very decent temperature at the moment. You actually want it to stay around 77 most of the day.