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White House Marijuana Smear Sqaud

The current white house has commissioned a Marijuana smear squad called the Marijuana Policy Coordination Committee whose goal is to publish selectively negative data and information on cannabis.
As with my previous posting on the government suppressing studies that don’t conform to their expectations, adding selectively negative data is incredibly dishonest for a government to do.
If people are interested, I wrote a counter-piece to this practice on my blog:


The funny thing is that this is a lost cause for the White House. The vast majority of public opinion is on the side of legalization, and smear tactics like those used by the DEA simply won’t work any more. Maybe pre-internet, such a tactic might have worked, but not any more.

It’s much like the fight about gay marriage – public opinion shifted rapidly thanks to the internet, as people were able to connect online with individuals of diverse backgrounds, opening their eyes to the ridiculous nature of homophobic laws.


Typical. Ethan, I’m still waiting for the day the government performs an honest deed!

Thanks for sharing @EthanThePharmacist!


I agree. And when times changed for gay marriage, they changed fast and the poll numbers tilted within a short few years. I think cannabis legalization is following a similar trajectory, although the powers that be are fighting back as hard as they can, such as Canadians being banned from entering the US for life for simply using cannabis, being in the legal business, or investing it it legally:

The backlash against any socially transformative movement such as gay marriage or cannabis legalization, although expected, needs to be fought against, especially when it is moored in dishonesty and prejudicial bias without evidence.



The government occasionally does an honest and good deed but not without tremendous pressure from Little Brother/Sister; the people at the bottom who feel inequity the most. California’s movement to expunge marijuana-related crimes is an example of good legislation that seeks to right some of the wrongs of the drug war:



That’s fair. I tend to see things with a cynical lens sometimes.

Great example!

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Beautifully said