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Who Are the Best Growers on Earth?

Who are the best growers on Earth? I know this is an extremely subjective question, but I want to know who you consider to be the best growers on the planet and why.

Who are the rock stars of the grow world? Who has had the most influence on you as a grower? Who would you most love to chat with about growing? What makes a grower an influencer? What makes your favorite growers special?

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The grow world has only recently started to come out of the proverbial closet. A lot of my grow heroes are unknown, or known only by monikers.

On the big stage tho - I’ve always admired DJ Short - doing large-scale, clandestine grows while breeding the classic Blueberry, who’s genetics are almost the bedrock of some of the most common strains around… & then years later he knocks it out of the park with the clone-only Blue Bream. Impressive to say the least. DJ Short has always amazed me.

I also admire genefinderog (I’ll have to look up how to spell his real name), at Wilcox Pharm. I got to meet him once, and he gave me a tour of The Pharm, which is impressive for sure. I like him because he was doing large-scale grows in the 90’s and didn’t stop. And now he’s the lead at a very impressive greenhouse and processing facility. Oh, and lest we forget, he’s also Karma, from Karma genetics!!!

But what are the measure to be the best grower (I ask myself)? It seems like actual growers are less known than their counterpart, breaders, which have so much more fan-fare (and ego).


The land of horticulture and hydroponic is Netherland , if u want some real knowledge is there . People like Servantes and Rosenthals is bro science , i give them respect but they knowledge is based on closet growing and illegal techniques . Cannabis is flowering plant we know already a lot about cultivating flowers and there is literature for those plants .

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The peasant growers in the coastal mountains of Guerrero between Acapulco and Zihuatanejo, who developed Zihuatanejo Purple and Acapulco Gold decades ago. Best damn pot I ever smoked. If Mexico ever legalizes pot, that is where I am heading.