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Who is attending the Science Symposium at MJBizCon?

"The Science Symposium is designed as a primer for cannabis entrepreneurs who are seeking a greater familiarity with the plant and its applications that will lead to the development of best practices for producing consumer-friendly marijuana products.

This full-day program will address topics ranging from research to final-product testing and includes a networking luncheon and question-and-answer session with industry experts."

The Science Symposium will be held the Tuesday before MJBizCon officially commences. I heard there is a decent list of speakers :wink:

Here’s a link to the symposium:

So, can I look forward to meeting anyone from our @memberdirectory at this event?


The Science Symposium is a collaboration between MJBiz and Emerald Scientific ( Emerald Scientific founded The Emerald Conference ( which is still the most technical science conference in the industry. You can view the sessions from last years Emerald Conference at

Hope to see lots of you at the Symposium! The content is going to be great this year!
Come say Hi, I’d love to meet you.

Wes Burk
Vice President
Emerald Scientific


So here goes yet another shameless plug: I will be speaking on the topic of Cultivation Science at the Science Symposium at 11am in Las Vegas. Any GNET members planning on being in attendance, I would love to meet you!


Keep a tiny recorder on you so we can hear after :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll be landing roughly 8pm - 11/13/2018


Allegedly this presentation will be recorded…allegedly.I’ll still be looking forward to meeting you in Vegas! Have a safe trip!