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Whoa, the Cannabist got a facelift

That’s different. What are your feelings on this change?

I worry a little bit because some of their stories that are old are popping up on their top headlines. That’s really odd.


I’m a fan of the new color scheme! I bet they are just working out the inevitable kinks that come with launching a new website.


Nice! Thanks for sharing.


I love this site, but the editor is missing tons of spelling and grammatical errors. I might just be being too fussy, but makes me wonder about fact checking,ect…

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I’m inviting Alex, their editor, right now to join the discussion.


Hey Alex, you are welcome to respond to this thread, or direct message @mwmzx6 to discuss further! Just click on his profile picture, and press Message.

Trying to find the article I read with the mistakes, but no dice yet.