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Wholesale Cannabis Supply Opportunity

We are a cannabis producer based in Canada. Our facility is currently under construction, with an expected licensing date of December 2018. Our first harvest will be in 2019 and we are interested in growing our wholesale sales for medical cannabis with other Canadian LP’s who also possess a sales. l

We are actively marketing our production as follows;

Wholesale cannabis flower
Minimum five years up to ten year supply contract
Volume 100-200 kgs per month

If you have any interest or require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Interested in this opportunity. Where should I send my resume and additional information?

Thank you.


Hell Townsend57,

Thanks for your email but unfortunately we are not looking for an employee I was actually trying to reach out to other Canadian licensed cannabis producers on the network in order to consummate a wholesale cannabis supply agreement.

Unless you represent a Canadian LP not much we can do here.

Best regards,

Nicholas Pantazis



@vortex-cannabis You can go into our Directory and search for Owners of Grow Operations in Ontario, or any other combination, and send them a direct message with your offer.