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Who's your farmer?

Sometimes I know who grew the weed I’m smoking, sometimes I don’t. There are names of growers (or grow opps) that I’ve come to trust, and if I see that available all the other offerings will quickly fall by the wayside. Likewise, when I"ve gotten herb from growers that I didn’t find impressive, I’m probably going to think twice about trying them again. I’ll pay attention to things like how it’s grown - is it organic? is it indoor or out? Are they running interesting strains like heirlooms or just what’s trending? How was it cured? What’s the packaging like? Generally, do they occur as smart?
Do you ever think about who grew your weed? Do you have considerations?
Who’s your farmer?


Great question, @Herbert_Ashe! 95% of the cannabis I consume is produced in my facilities. I trust the product that I use. Having worked in cannabis for a long time, I have come to realize there are a lot of unscrupulous growers out there and, as a result, my trust as a consumer has been eroded. Combine that with the fact that we have no mandatory testing for cannabis in AZ and I become downright paranoid!

It’s amazing when you can say you know your farmer. Whether it’s cannabis or beets, being able to speak with the person who produced your food is very powerful. “Locovores”, as we are often referred to, are folks who try to consume food (or in our case, cannabis) produced no more than 50 miles away, ideally. Do you get to speak with your farmer? Do you know how, where, and by whom your cannabis is grown? I want to second the question posed by @Herbert_Ashe:

Who’s your farmer?


Some may think that being a locovore is a step backwards, but in the case of cannabis growing and consuming, it’s definitely in the right direction. And, like wine, there are still great areas dedicated to specialized strains, i.e. Maui-Wowwie. Your comment about unscrupulous growers has me wondering what you have encountered. Can you share?


So far I am my own Farmer, in the future I wanted to feed the whole world with my hemp.