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Why do some strains take longer to crumble up then others?

We are doing some trim run’s and want to make a variety of different waxes for the dispensary any suggestions on temp or technique on how to make crumble …the equipment we have is a .9cf oven with a 6cmf vac pump


Tell us about the strains you’re using to make crumbles – which ones are taking longer? Are you using the same temperatures and pressures for all of them? What about blasting – are these strains taking longer in blasting too?

I’m also pulling in @tasiakelle to the conversation, because this is an area she has experience in.


right now we have alot of trim from winter harvest of this keylime gelato …we can make the snap and pull shatter from it because it has long of little sticks and water leaves its not super fine trim …temps im usuing are between 95 and 110 thats the oil temp …blasting is the same 1 can per 1 oz …any feed back or suggestions are always appreciated