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Why Preserving Wild Lands is Important to Agriculture


I think everyone on this forum wants to protect the environment. It’s important. But one thing many growers out there (not just cannabis growers) don’t seem to recognize is that wildlands are good for humanity as a whole. Wild species (like Ruderalis) provide genetic variety and have saved many crop species from extinction by pathogen.

One thing I expect to see in my lifetime is the end of the Cavendish banana. Most bananas available in stores today are Cavendish bananas, and they’re all made via cloning. The result is that new pathogens are wiping out banana plantations today. But wild bananas (and other cultivars) could save the Cavendish (or bring a new variety along).

We might see new pathogens for cannabis pop up one day. And if that happens, let’s hope there’s still wild species out there.


This article seems appropriate here…


It’s really true. The world around us is evolving. Leaving wild lands untouched allows for wild version of our crops to continue growing and evolving too. The agriculture industry likes to grow a few things and stick with them, resulting in crops that often fail to evolve in response to pathogens. With wild varieties growing, hybridization is still possible.

There are some species that only exist because of humans, like corn and the avocado. These species are particularly vulnerable to pathogen evolution. We must take great care to make sure there is genetic diversity for these crops.

Luckily, cannabis has ruderalis going for it, and it grows pretty well in the wild. Let’s keep it that way!