Why would EC/PPM not change?

Hi All,

I have been adding Grow Research Drive into my nutrient tank since day 1. Today I wanted to see how much of a difference it made to EC.

I put in my Coco A and B tested the EC then added drive and there was no change to EC value. I must be confused to how EC works.

Can someone explain please?

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How much are you adding, and into how much water?


Sorry should have mentioned that. 20ml per 10L


Not familiar with the nutrients , but it looks organic (kelp and algae) , the EC will not measure organic molecules like Urea , Ammonium and etc . Most of the organic things are not fast acting and they are poor water soluble , meaning they are provided as big molecules and needs to be broken by the living bacterias in the soil , those numbers are telling you after the compound break out in soil what will be the analysis . With EC/TDS you measure soluble salts you cant measure organic molecules .

Another thing from big importance is to have EC meter with temperature compensation , EC readings are totally different on different temperatures , not even close . If you dont have one with temperature compensation the correct reading will be on 25 C (for NaCl TDS/EC Meters) .