Winter watering

What is the minimum temperature for watering the ladies? Also, is there an optimum temp?
I grow in living soil. What do ya’ll think @preybird1,@laditheif @Packee,@slm3er

I would say somewhere around 22c to about 25c

I like 78 degrees and no less. 65 minimum but ideally 77‐80 degrees. And make sure you use room temperature water. No cold or hot water on roots. They dont like it


@preybird1 I use rain water to water with, moved a couple barrels inside garage & water temp is already about 60f , guess I 'll have to get some kind of heater.

@Olcoot I’m like @preybird1. Always room temp


and put air into the water if it’s going to sit for any longer than a day or two…

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@Ladithief I have a big air pump, runs 24/7 .I thought it would raise the temp more as it puts out hot air. I may have to reduce water in barrels by half (50 gal) to see if temp comes up.
Hope it works, going to freeze tonight.

@Packee I have a small secret squirrel grow room. Use about 4 or 5 gal. every couple of days.
Sometimes I get in my own way. My real dilemma was that I was losing my aireation waiting for water to come to room temp. Soooo… after I got over my brain fart !? I took all those insulation sheets that came with the online food boxes & tied around barrel . Tried to tape on, kept coming off , (didn’t have a duck or gorilla on it guess).
Ended up tieing it up like a big roast.
Anyway…water temp up to 70f for now, I will keep an eye on it as it gets colder.
Thanks to all for your help & ideas.

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