Would you be interested in growing high quality products without artificial lighting?

I have the product that can do that but I would like the growers input on this subject!


Personally I think you need to post a little info, otherwise too much is left up to people’s imaginations. Would light be needed at all? Is it something one would spray onto plants like a foliar feeding? Is it readily available? Is it something that is an occasional purchase or something that has to be replenished regularly? Is it reasonably priced for someone that grows from home?

OMG, my questions could go on forever…


Great questions. Because I’m new to this whole posting thing. Do I just go back to my topic and reply things like you just mentioned? Because my original thought was to invite conversation/interest on this topic.


You could edit your original post or maybe just start answering some of my questions?


Not even sure if i’m posting this where all could see. like i said i’m new to this type of communication.

However, I always wondered why growers used UV lights in there greenhouses. Because all plastic and glass block UV rays. So i developed a new greenhouse cover that passes the suns complete light spectrum and the more UV rays that cannabis is exposed to, the more THC it produces. In addition, all plant life needs the complete light spectrum to accomplish its purpose! So whatever your growing in your greenhouse my plastic will provide the natural environment that it was meant to be exposed to.

Another issue that I’m starting to see is that local and federal governments are beginning to question the carbon footprint of greenhouses. one scientist calculated " As a result, producing just a couple of pounds of weed can have the same environmental toll as driving across America seven times (http://old.seattletimes.com/text/2020969103.html)"

This plastic is more durable than your typical greenhouse plastic (polyethylene) and does not degrade in the sun light. Polyethylene becomes brittle within a few years when exposed to the sun.

So my question to you cultivators out there is, would you trade in your UV lights for this plastic?

So we have diodes that emit UV. My CMH lights emit UV. So your idea about plastic and glass not letting UV in isn’t accurate

Further more I think you are specifically are speaking in terms of greenhouse growing. If this is the case I would clarify that. The indoor growers have UV taken care of. Again if you are referencing greenhouses that’s a whole different topic


Yes I am referring to greenhouses only. And you can check any lab analysis’s out there on the Internet on plastic and glass. They all block 95% of UV lighting.

In addition there is no UV diode that emits the full UV spectrum 100 thru 400 nanometers

I’m afraid there is diodes that do that McCree diodes do

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My question is this : there are continent size islands of plastic floating in the oceans because it takes forever to bio-degrade, and you just came out with an even “better” plastic that is even less bio-degradable. How is that going to contribute to make things better?

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I’ll check them out tomorrow. But in either case my product is for greenhouses unless you wanna tear your roof off your building and stop spending money on powering your artificial lighting. Lol

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@MK3_Pharms I’ll keep plugging the Migro YouTube channel as Shane is doing some great and very informative work in regards to cannabis lighting in his latest series driving into UVB and how to get it into your indoor room. Overall the only way that makes sense is with florescent bulbs. Worth a watch if you’ve got 17 minutes to spare.

@inreco This guy has a great talk on light spectrum, the photosynthetically active range, and new research into the value of the UV and Far Red ends of the range. It’s a long watch at over 20 minutes, but it’s the latest research in cannabis that also happens to be funded by both the USDA and NASA.


Yeah I know the migro guys. Loads of companies are doing the same and more.

However this guy is talking about greenhouses not LEDs. He just happened to want to tell me UV diodes dont exist. When we all know they do.
Here is one of hundreds of articles

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This article simply talks about photosynthesis which all green plants do for nourishment Including cannabis. But cannabis is the only plant that produces THC to protect itself from UV rays. And the more UV it gets the more THC it produces. Photosynthesis has
nothing to do with the production of THC. The UVspectrum ranges from 100nm to 400nm. And his graph falls short at about 350nm. So his grow lights with that light spectrum that he shows will not be that effective on cannabis.

@MK3_Pharms I interpreted it as a statement meaning there are no full spectrum UV LEDs. There are some targeted spectrum UV diodes, same as you can get a targeted 660nm red.

The conclusion of that article, as well as the video I posted, is that the McCree curve, PAR, and the way we viewed peaks of red and blue as being the most critical parts of the spectrum, is being disproven with recent research into far red and UV spectrums. Check out the last few minutes of the video I posted, starting at 22:00. Really groundbreaking stuff.


Sounds interesting I’ll check it out tomorrow going to bed now

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I see you haven’t answered my concerns yet, so here are some more :

And that’s for a regular greenhouse made with regular polyethylene that, in your words :

How many times around the world will your product be equivalent to?
I am all for science and advancement.
But at what cost?
Will producing a few more pounds of cannabis be worth the cost of the environmental consequences of your magical plastic?
Back in the '50s and early '60s they were heavily promoting all the new plastics that would make life so much easier… and now 60 years later we realized we’re killing our planet.
Heck, back then they were even giving nuclear material in cereal boxes, because it glowed in the dark and it was so cool…
Please don’t mistake my intentions here. I have nothing personal against you or your company. But I am worried about the environmental impact of this revolutionary material…

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Watched the video. Again, he is describing photosynthesis which, has nothing to do with THC production. Early in the video he does mention THC production in the graph as being stable across the scale. That is accurate because his test didn’t include the light down to the 100nm level. However, at the end of the video he does mentions that all plants protect themselves from the harmful UV rays. But failed to mention that cannabis’s defense mechanism for that is THC production. And this is because his study was based on photosynthesis! For more info check out uvedge.com

Just grow outdoors and your foot print is negligible… just my 2 cents worth… involve a Socially responsible water technique and and teas and and you can be close to neutral…I wish you luck with this endeavour…


Ok, since you don’t seem to want to address environmental concerns let’s chat business then :

What do you think of Monsanto’s “alledged” business practices and ethics?

I seriously consider that being in the “Green” business, you should take into consideration the environmental impact of your business. It is today’s reality that we have to deal with now!

Have a great day anyway sir,