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Your IRS 280E, Licensing Applications and Corporate Structure

Greetings all. My name is Robert Carp, and I’m a lawyer out of Boston. I’ve authored three books on cannabis, “The Marijuana Business Operations Guide”, “IRS 280E and its Application to Cannabis Industry”, and “The Marijuana Business Licensing Guide” (all available on Amazon or my website at"). If you have any general questions that don’t require a long and involved answer, I’m happy to help. Either use this forum, or feel free to email me at [email protected].


Welcome @rcarp and thanks for offering your legal expertise!


For what it’s worth. I have spoken with Robert at a number of conferences. Unlike a number of the “experts” I’ve encountered at these things he actually does know whereof he speaks. I have a sufficient legal background, specialized in cannabis law, to offer that as an educated opinion.


Wicked awesome! Welcome @rcarp :wink:


Welcome to the group! First time I have said that to a lawyer in a professional group.
What is the Shakespeare quote about lawyers?

Well welcome!

Do you have review copies for editorial review? Exploding PDF or Kindle library loan version. I would love to review.