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Hello Growers Network!

My business partner Matt Trombley and I believe your company should be able to acquire a packaging supply chain that is seamless, efficient, and profitable. For over 40 years, Hudson Associates has been providing total customer solutions in the commercial and retail packaging industry. We strive to provide our clients with an intimate, delivery-oriented environment; one that is collaborative, inclusive and transparent. Hudson’s process is simple: we listen, find tailored solutions, and deliver your project objectives.

Hudson Associates has developed a straightforward mechanism to deliver the promise of this unique culture: the Single Point of Contact (SPoC). This process cuts through the noise and confusion of strategic sourcing - though providing a SINGLE Point of Contact to expedite the RFP/RFQ process, confirm pricing and ordering, provide ongoing updates, troubleshoot logistics and respond to changes in a timely manner.

As part of our “Culture of Yes,” Hudson Associates provides best-in-class packaging and contract filling supply chain management services. Working with a wide network of partners across North America, Hudson can provide the necessary support to fulfill your strategic sourcing requirements for Concentrate, Flower, and Edible Cannabis products:

*Pouches and Bags
*Child-Resistant Packaging
*Canisters and Rigid Packaging
*CBD-Related Packaging
*Bulk Largeware and Handleware
*Contract Filling Services

Hudson Associates would very much like to hear from you and better understand how we can be of service in this incredible industry. Whether you’re interested in stand-up Mylar Bags, 2.5 Gallon HDPE Fluorinated Barrier Industrial Jugs, or 5 Gallon Pails, please contact me to better learn how we can help grow your business.

Christopher Thomas
Managing Partner – Sales
Hudson Associates
The SPoC Company
O: 412-799-6633 ext. 2
C: 908-229-4066
[email protected]