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As a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and Real Estate Broker, I am a business professional who is proudly part of a growing industry.

Girley Farms, Inc. is a cannabis management company, specializing in indoor cultivation of premium cannabis. What started as a leap of Faith almost two years ago, has now come to fruition with two permitted facilities currently underway. Exciting times for us!

As an umbrella corp, Girley Farms, holds the following companies:

I am here to connect with other cannabis professionals, to grow my network, to learn, as well as share insight and offer my assistance and guidance for anyone interested in getting into this industry.

As most of us may know, the experience from start to finish is unimaginable but definitely worth it! So please feel free to reach out! I’d be glad to help or consult on your cannabis project.

I am also interested in learning about any acquisition, merger or partnership opportunities.

Looking forward to connecting and getting to know all of you!

IG: @greenflowerinfo @marleegirley