1 Cubic Yard Soil Mixer for Sale

Hello, Scott with American Soil Supply Company here!

One of our loyal customers has purchase a Kalco Corp. 1 Cubic Yard Batch Mixer with a discharge conveyor and fill chute but can not use it at his location due to power requirements and would like to sell it. It is new, never used, but has been filled with soil and has very minor shipping damage to the fill chute.

This is a Kalco Corp 1 Cubic Yard Batch Mixer. It would require Single Phase 220VAC at the location on operation. It has a spiral ribbon mixing head which pulls materials from the edges of the mixer to the center, blending you media and amendments quickly and thoroughly. It also had the optional discharge conveyor and fill chute added. The discharge conveyor moves the material away from the mixer as it is dumped and with the fill chute, can be used to fill tote bags (usually 1 cubic yard or less), potting containers and manual soil bagging operations.

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Hi Scott,

What would be the best application for equipment?

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Hello- Thanks for your question.

This batch mixer is a 1 Cubic Yard mixer, meaning it has the capacity to hold and mix 1 Cubic Yard of material. The mixing head is referred to as a spiral ribbon mixing head. Its designed to pull material from the ends of the mixer to the center, and back again, giving you a rapid and even mix.

This particular mixer is very versatile due to the added features, such as the discharge conveyor and fill chute with foot-pedal controls. The mixer and conveyor can be controlled with the foot-pedal controls allowing for on demand and easy bag or container filling operations.

Examples of use:

1- Soil Manufacturing Operations - and with the discharge conveyor and chute, it can be used to fill 1 Cubic Yard tote bags (depending on height) and other poly bags such as 1 cubic foot bag.

  1. Growers - who mix their own soil can dispense directly from the mixer into a grow container to save time and energy.

  2. Mushroom Bagging - this is also a great piece of equipment for the production of mushrooms. You can mix you mushroom growing media and dispense directly into your fruiting containers.

This piece of equipment featured requires a Single Phase 220 VAC service at the location of use, and would be required to be hard wired on the customers end into the power source. It is never recommended to run this equioment off of a generator

Mix time is generally 3-5 minutes

If you have any other questions, we can answer them at [email protected]

Thank you,
Scott Reilly
American Soil Supply Company


Where are you located?



American Soil Supply is based out of Middle Tennessee.

The mixer is at a customers location in Danbury, Connecticut.

Scott Reilly
American Soil Supply Company