10 Most Beautiful Dispensaries?

These places are gorgeous to be sure. What are your guys’ thoughts on dispensaries like these? Are we becoming a new luxury industry like wine?


Wow, the New England Treatment Access (NETA) – Brookline one!

The dispensary I go to is pretty nice and I do appreciate that they put effort into presentation: http://www.tgscolorado.com/malley

Previous to that I went to one that was a bit more of a hole in the wall type of place. Having nicer storefronts helps with the public perception of cannabis, to make it seem more legitimate.


Classy! Some beautiful spaces there…

And yes… Cannabis IS the new luxury industry. It will disrupt wine, beer and spirits… It will shake up opiods… It will rattle pharma… it could replace oil, sequester carbon, create plastics, regenerate environments and so much more…

If we as an industry do this right it could change the world…

Cannabis in all it’s forms is a healing plant and the world really needs some healing right about now…


I remember when SPARC opened up in SF and they were the first dispensary that I knew of that really changed the interior aesthetic. The New York Times even ended up doing an article on them: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/10/03/t-magazine/03remix-gross-t.html


Harvest in San Francisco also has a second location, also so pretty: http://www.harvestshop.com/
I think it’s interesting, how all of these feel luxurious, but in so many different ways. Some are moody and rustic, some super sleek like an Apple Store, and others feel like designer boutiques with light wood and lots of light. And then there’s the glam sexy ones, more nightclubby feeling ones, like http://www.apothecariumsf.com/.

Lot of natural surface materials, glass, wood, stone, marble and brass – I think that’s very interesting.


Three more swanky dispensary locations:


I remember being 18 and going into the Berkeley Patients Group for the first time in 2005. I remember thinking it was a really nice setup…they offered free massages, acupuncture, yoga and all sorts of classes even back then… It’s awesome to see how these dispensaries have evolved and really crazy to think of where they are going to go. I think it will definitely be like wine…even offering tours at grow operations allowing customers to sample flower and extracts at thier freshest before bagging and sending out to retail .