12/12 from seed outdoor

Hi guys new grower on the forum. I plan to grows few Hindu Kush fem outdoor but I m located in an area where the sun is 12/12 all year long in a dry savanna climate which mean full sun all day long for 12h and a temperature around 33° day and 13 by night. So I would like to know how these conditions will impact the plants? Is there a vegetative growth ? How many week they should turn into flowering ? thanks heaps


Hi @bistorr

Welcome to GN. Due to your natural lighting the plant will go into immediate flower, short plants with almost no growth. Your temps are decent for cannabis growth. A suggestion would be to put some supplementary lighting outside to confuse the plant into a vegetative growth e.g. an outside security light that can stay on for 4/5 hours during vegetative growth. This how people often do winter grows.


thanks man, I can’t really put artificial light because I plan to grow in the bush. But thanks for the tips that should help me to know more what to directly cheers