1200 sqft veg - 3600 sqft flower - how many plants?

Hello all,

I know there are a lot of variables here, such as veg time, genetics, raised beds versus pots, rolling trays or not, etc. but I just wanted to see if I could get any feedback.

I am blueprinting a business with a 5000 SQFT canopy.

The veg greenhouse will be 1200 SQFT.
The flower greenhouse will be 3600 SQFT.

  • How many plants should be vegged to utilize 3600 SQFT of flower space?
    ---- 1200 plants?

Also - has anyone heard of raised beds being utilized in an automated light-dep setting, or are rolling trays the move?

As mentioned, I know this is open ended, but for planning purposes I appreciate any feedback.



As you said, there are a lot of variables the can swing numbers one way or another.

Assuming 3,600sqft of canopy, with aisles already accounted for, and no plant limit, I think your estimate of 1200 flowering plants is good, with 3sqft per plant. This should get you around 1/2 pound per plant (or more) once you get dialed in.

1200 of veg will be enough space to get you plenty of plants to meet that 1200 cycle goal.

As for raised beds, I think it is cheaper to go this route. I don’t see any issue other than less freedom to move plants around. Personally, I would go for raised beds in loam (with additional amendments), rather than potting soil. Ammended loam is cheap and it can be ammended numerous times to maintain volume and tilth. If you are more comfortable in pots rather than managing soil, you may want to start with what you know and experiment with what you don’t know. Also, if you have only 3600 of floor space, rather than canopy space, moveable benches help maximizes that space.


First off I think your going to need a bit more space in veg especially if your going to propagate in there as well.

I huge crowded veg room is that one prescription for mold PM and other pathogens to gain ground.

You might want to look at it this way. empiric studies have indicated that 60 gal of medium is about optimum for yield wise for each light so if you have say a light in each 5x5 space you would want 4 20 gal pots with 15 gal soil each. personally I use less that that with about 60 gal medium (6 10 gal fabric pots ) in each 4x8 with 2 (true) 500W LEDs overhead (HLG 550 v1 3k) so Im a little bit short of that metric. I usually see a solid 2+ keys (dried and cured trimmed bud) from each cycle space of that size. I also trim heavily and trellis early in week 3 to improve airflow and keep the light penetrating the canopy so my mids get lots of light too.

so I would think 8 -7 or10 gal medium in containers per 5x8 section if you have aisle space around for expansion late in the cycle.

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3 square ft is very little space. Plan at least for 9 square ft plus room to access the plants. Unless, of course, if you are growing auto grow. I would say 350-400 plants.