18/6 vs 24 hour light on

I’m growing a round of autos and a round of photo periods. And I’m curious about your veg light period and what you have seen the best results with.


Some strains the sellers reccommend that you grow the veg at 24 hours, but that is mainly for Sativa’s. And you don’t grow them for long under that ( two to three weeks max) before you flower them at the normal 12/12. The light day doesn’t vary near as much at the equator as it does in the mid and northern climes. I think for most normal photos, I wouldn’t do more than 20/4 at the most, the girls need some rest too lol.



Same with autos, some people use 24 hrs of light because they don’t need a cycle. I like to give my autos & photos 18/6 so they get a chance to rest. I think a rest is important for the plants. IMO. Plus it helps with the electric bill! lol, always a plus!

I start a week with 24 hrs, then a week 20 hrs, then 18/6 the rest of the way. But that’s just how I do it with autos.


That sounds like a good plan. Bet it helps them flower too, despite that they will flower at 24 hours.



I’ve done 20/4 and 18/6 with autos. I think I’m going to stick with 18/6 from here out. One of my last ones started foxtailing on 20/4, almost like it was trying to reveg, and seemed a lot happier when I cut it back to 18/6.