1st run autopots in flower

Ok so I’m still a newish grower, but this is my first run with autopots indoors, I’m 35 days into flower and the first two plants that are fed from my reservoir are still staying pretty nice and green however the 2 at the end of the line are drastically turning yellow and brown, I’ve taken the valve’s out and made sure they’re clean and same with the housing but still now sure what’s going on with them. Are they somehow not having the same nutrients delivered to them at the back?

also does anyone have any tips other than running a dehumidifier to lower my RH. I keep struggling to get it to stay around 45, its typically bouncing up to 55-60.

Perhaps this chart will assist you. Check out #6.

13 steps or less to Diagnostic your Nutrient Deficiency

1.a) If the problem affects only the bottom or middle of the plant go to #2. b) If it affects only the top of the plant or the growing tips, skip to #10. c) If the problem seems to affect the entire plant equally, skip to #6.
2. Leaves are a uniform yellow or light green; leaves die & drop; growth is slow. Leaf margins are not curled-up noticeably. a) Nitrogen(N) deficiency.
b) If not, go to #3.
3. Margins of the leaves are turned up, and the tips may be twisted. Leaves are yellowing (and may turn brown), but the veins remain somewhat green. a) Magnesium (Mg) deficiency.
b) If not, go to #4.
4. Leaves are browning or yellowing. Yellow, brown, or necrotic (dead) patches, especially around the edges of the leaf, which may be curled. Plant may be too tall. a) Potassium (K) deficiency.
b) If not, keep reading.
5. Leaves are dark green or red/purple. Stems and petioles may have purple & red on them. Leaves may turn yellow or curl under. Leaf may drop easily.
Growth may be slow and leaves may be small. a) Phosphorus§ deficiency.
b) If not, go to #6.
6. Tips of leaves are yellow, brown, or dead. Plant otherwise looks healthy & green. Stems may be soft a)Over-fertilization (especially N), over-watering, damaged roots, or insufficient soil aeration (use more sand or perlite. Occasionally due to not enough N, P, or K.
b) If not, go to #7.
7. Leaves are curled under like a ram’s horn, and are dark green, gray, brown, or gold. a) Over-fertilization (too much N).
b) If not, go to #8
8. The plant is wilted, even though the soil is moist. a) Over-fertilization, soggy soil, damaged roots, disease; copper deficiency (very unlikely).
b) If not, go to #9.
9. Leaves are yellow or white, but the veins are mostly green. a) Iron (Fe) deficiency.
b) If not, go to #11.
10. Leaves are light green or yellow beginning at the base, while the leaf margins remain green. Necrotic
spots may be between veins. Leaves are not twisted. a) Manganese (Mn) deficiency.
11. Leaves are twisted. Otherwise, pretty much like #9 a)Zinc (Zn) deficiency.


Thanks for that very possible number 6 is correct but I’m looking to find out why, this is the autopot system so i dont do it. It does it itself.im wondering if others have the same issue. The 4 plants are on the same nutrient reservoir so in trying to find out why it’s happening as opposed to what’s happening. Great reference chart thought. Thanks for helping out mate!