1st Time Grower!

1st Time grow here. I NEED help with this one girl… 1st plant I started with. Mid Veg, started to sprout really quickly all of a sudden, I panicked, topped her, & cut off all bottom nodes to carrot top hoping to slow down vertical growth, I topped, then cut off all stems from the bottom. She veged about 6weeks, im in week 4 of flower. All remaining fan leaves are becoming lighter green, starting to become clawed & tips are slightly turning brown. Small leaves close to/attached to buds are still a bit darker green.
Tent space, 4x4, 72inches Hight. Lights, TS1000, 2 monkey fans. This girl is way taller than the


Leaf color is probably nutrients but can’t tell without pics… Try supercropping if she gets to tall

Also, is Neem Oil safe to use to fight against pest?


Try flushing for a week that might help a bit… Honestly never used it so I can’t answer that

Height seems good you are looking good

It’s too far into flower to use neem oil you will contaminate your flowers and leave them with a nasty flavor. If you have bugs your best bet would be to buy some type of preditor mites ,you can usually get them Ina kit that will contain multiple types of preditors ,the ones I use has one type for canopy and one for stalk and surface and another for soil and larvae. These will not contaminate you harvest. They are quite cheap if you look around


@hoppiefrog… where do you get those bug kits you speak of


I get mine from Anita’s bio protection in Montreal ca. But biobest.com is in California I had their preditors last run.