1st Time Grower

Hi everyone,

1st time grower here so I’ll take all your advice and criticism with open arms!

Got thr smallest grow tent I can find (17"×17"×4’), got a inline exhaust fan, duct, special soil, carbon filter, and a ViparSpectra grow light en route.

Heres a picture of the kids. Didn’t think all 5 feminized seeds would grow so I’m offering to my buddies as i only want 1.

What starter advice or recommendations can ya’ll throw my way?




Hi @sriina

Welcome to GN. Looking good and like what you have on the way to help you grow. I would suggest keeping atleast two plants, just in case. Just be careful on over watering your plants, like look well saturated already. Keep posting and we will keep helping. Happy growing.


Thanks for the warm welcome.
I’ve been spraying the top layer with water & nutrients daily to keep the soil moist and humidity in the tent but was also thinking the soil is a little too saturated.

How often would you say they need to be watered? I press down in the soil with my finger & the soil is damp but not wet to the point its like mud.

Also, how often do you think I shiuld run my exhaust fan? Do i need a fan directly blowing on them or is the exhaust fan enough?

Thanks again


Welcome to Community :slight_smile:

First thing I would say is this small plants like small pots to start with

and it is better to have each plant in it’s own pot

when they are dry :wink: no real schedule more of as needed

plants are a bit young to get feed

The Weed does not like to have it’s roots wet all the time they like too be watered then

dry out and get water again

also whatever pot you are using fill it with dry soil and pick it up, get it moist and pick it up

now you know what a wet and dry pot feels like

that is how to tell if they need water you finger works OK but picking them up

will tell you better

as needed, it is hard to say without knowing your numbers

welcome do a lot of reading and ask question

and remember

The only stupid question is the one you do not ask

all the best and be safe



Thanks for your feedback. I ran the fan last night on the lowest setting just as a test & can tell the plants liked it. The leaves looked much perkier. I’ll dial back on the nutrients as I noticed the leaves look a little pale. I’m using Fox Farms liquid plant food as recommended but I agree they soil could use a little drying.

Thanks again for your suggestions.


Hi buddy and welcome @sriina ,

GN created a nice 101 video-class for first-timers. You can find it under the ‘University’ tab at the top or: Growing 101: Beginners' Guide to Growing Weed - Growers Network

I also like how much work Sirius & Nebula, a growers couple, put in their website: growweedeasy.com, great place to start. Decade old, information is still being added weekly.

And then there’s Jorge Cervantes who recently dropped a 108 pages long free e-book, also interesting for beginners. I recently shared the link in this topic.

Happy growing
:v: :monkey:


Good luck! Document everything- it’s the best way of learning what works and what doesn’t. Although it’s a weed it can be tough to grow. Read lots and educate yourself. with the short tent hope you are starting with an Indica. You may want a timer for your light if is is not auto. I use Jacks nutes due to the good pricing and support- they answer your questions! Jacks has been great for the last 3 grows.


best way to learn to grow The Weed plant lots of beans and do not be afraid to kill them

as you learn :slight_smile: and grow weed

plants lots of bag seeds, buy a bunch .50 cent 1 $ seeds and plant them

when I dial in my grow room with new lights, a new setup I use cheap beans get it right

then work on growing those 10 buck a piece gems :wink:

my two cent on learning to grow…we know what that is worth eh?

grow well and live



You have had some great advice already . I find it helpful to have at least 1 plant to try to kill . What I mean by that is make changes to that plant and observe . If your thinking your under or over watering make changes to your kill plant . Double water and see how it reacts , double your nutes and see how it reacts . Don’t water for a while and observe . The weight trick works well as someone else mentioned .
Try to start monitoring your temps some too.

Good luck on the grow and remember what ever negatives you see was caused last week usually . If you make a change give it 5-7 days to react .
Look into foliage feeding with a spray bottle. It will react fast and a great tool for diagnosis of nutrient issues without adding it to your soil .


Thanks for all the advice everyone, greatly appreciated!!!


Welcome!!! Like you, im pretty new to this. The people on this forum are very helpful. Eith thier help and my trial and error. Ive come from making barely smokeable buds to fully mature ones that i csn be proud of. Good luck on the journey and i hope you gain what you are searching for.


If you are having trouble with over and underwatering buy a moisture meter off amazon to help you. Suplong Soil Moisture Meter,Plant Moisture Meter, Plant Water Meter for Plants, Gardening, Farming, Indoor and Outdoor Plants(No Batteries Required) https://a.co/d/ccHeZz8 Also look into vapor pressure density or vpd for short and get familiar with what humidity works with the current temp of your room and try to get a base down. .9-1.1 vpd for veg and 1.2-1.4 for flower has always worked for me. Good luck and happy growing!!


and another point do not over think growing Cannabis it is not a super hard plant to grow

especially outside :slight_smile:

outside leave it a lone and it will grow itself

inside it is about getting the environment correct to grow plants under artificial lights

that could be almost any plant

The Weed is a high light plant to grow inside so it does need more light

under LEDs there are things to take into account VPD, PPFD, DLI and so on

all that aside it is about how your plants in front of you look

if they look good it is all good

no matter what a book or a person or a podcast tells you, listen to the plant

all the best and grow well



Thanks for the feedback. I’m getting a PH, Light, and Water tool to help measure those categories via Amazon today.
My next venture is humidity and air quality. I have a charcoal carbon filter already installed with an extraction inline fan.
Actively doing my research on that now.

Ever since I started using my new grow light, fan, & eased up on watering my plants have been thriving. There’s new leaves & they’re all reaching high up to the light like never before.
This network is already proving it’s worth.


Only 5 calendar days since my last photo and wow… what a difference.
Proper grow light installed (still acclimating), carbon filter with exhaust fan via inline fan, reduced watering and eased on the nutrients (per all your recommendations) and the leaves look so much better. They’ve grown a lot and after 12 hours of light the leaves are stretching up high “praying” towards the light.

They’re still a little “leggy” I think is the word.
When spritzing them with water some tend to fall over and I have to reposition…

I’m beginning to look into an oscillating fans and humidifiers. Any recommendations on what’s most important next? Keep in mind my tent is only 17" X 17" X 4’. Not trying to farm here or invest too much, just want 1 or 2 plants to play with and eventually enjoy :face_in_clouds:


Looking alright buddy, like @chrisj mentioned, you probably want to lower the light a little bit to have em stretch a little less. 20 - 24 inches above your plants, something like that.

Pro tip: Add a bit of medium, probably up to halfway their stems, this will support your babies and keep em upright. They will start growing roots from the covered stems as well, at this stage still. This is why it’s always good to not fill your pots higher than 2" under the edge, leaves you room to add more if needed and not spill water later.

Make sure you plant 1 plant per pot next time :wink:



love babies :slight_smile:


Weekly update:
Ive started to notice some plants are growin better than others but most concerning is the one with the brown “rust” spots. Is this a sign of Calcium or Magnesium deficiency or something else? The rust apotted plant is also receiving the most UV light so a part of me was thinking maybe I need to dim the light? As always, any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

Some details below (as requested & to the best of my ability :blush:

Strain: Indica/Sativa (I bought wonder woman feminized seeds)
Indoor, outdoor: Indoor
Medium: Foxfarm Ocean Forest 6.3-6.8ph potting mix
Nutrient type (synthetic minerals/organic/dry amendments/living soil/…): only done 1 feeding of Foxfarm big bloom & 1 feeding of big bloom + grow big per the feeding schedule that came with my purchase.
Lights: Viparspectra P1000 currently 21" above leaves at ~60% power. 18 on / 6 off
PPFD: ~700 lux per my 3-way meter
pH: ~7 per my meter
EC or PPM: not sure. Looks like I need to maybe buy a spil tester kit huh?
Temps (day and night): currently 75.5°F lights on, room temp 71°F when lights off
Relative Humidity (day and night): Currently at 41%. Just got a humidity meter 2 days ago & trying to spray soil lightly when humidity gets below 40
Water Temp. (if DWC):
I use room temperature water.

Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water): Twice a week, 250ml. I found i was severely over watering and found a little 250ml bottle for watering across all 5 plants
Tent, Room Size: SMALL: 16"x16"x4ft (1 bedroom condo + fiance :wink:
Ventilation: 4" inline duct fan exhaust
Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers) : AC infinity air scrubber. 4" AC Infinity oscillating fan going in this weekend once recieved.
Co2: not yet
Pot sizes: 1 pot maybe 3 gallons. (I know, I know! Im supposed to put only 1 per pot. I plan on giving some away & didnt think all 5 would get this far lol) Only want 1 or 2 for myself (hobbiest)
Seed germination date: ~ mid January
Veg duration: potted them last week of Janurary.