1st timer with some nutrient questions

Hi everyone. I am about 12 days in from starting with seeds in soil in styrofoam cups. They are looking good and the leaves are getting bigger. I will be moving to some 1 gal smart pots soon. I bought the roots organic player pack with dry and liquid nutrients. The feeding chart says I should use the oregonism xl on seedlings but I have not done this yet. Just water so far. My hydro shop also sold me the Mykos root enhancer and said it was the best. My question is really about using both of there products. When I move to my 1 gal pots it say to use the mykos in the hole before transplanting so the roots come in contact. Should I also then use the oregonism xl on roots or no. Can also add it to water. I feel these are similar products and don’t want to hurt the plants. Any help is appreciated. Any recommendations on the rest of the roots organic would be awesome too. Thanks.


Mycorrhizal fungi is always a good idea. I haven’t used oregonism xl myself, but I use similar products that are available to me here. Getting the rhizosphere good and healthy can just be a benefit to your plants.
Just don’t use chlorined tap water, when doing beneficial and symbiotic fungi and organisms.


If you are wanting to get used to nuets and making it cosg effective I’d suggest GH. They have a nice line up and affordable.

And yes buy some mycorr and some azomite

I use roots organic master series complete and works well. The starter pack doesn’t have surge or nitrogen bat guano, pick these up as these are needed. Yes start Trinity(High Brix Molasses) and Oregonism XL. I use Oregonism as top dressing and in water. For other chemicals use about 40% of what it calls for but use full amount called for with top dressings. Works very well.

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