2 week old plants

Hello my grow folks I have started these beauties 2 weeks ago I am using 300w LED light but one just started to go limp any help or related issues will help anyone thx again#GSBB#


When was it last watered? What are the temperate and humidity like?


Lasted watered yesterday and room temp need to add fans

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Might be a little dry. How fast does the water run out the bottom after watering? Was it planted in rockwool or media. I find if i plant in rockwool and got to dirt it needs watering more but seeing how fast the water goes out can be a clue also. I start all mine in rockwool or jiffy5 peat disc that expand with water.

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Add water and come back in 3 hours. It should have perked up. If not something could be going on.

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I will post pics later of how they are as of today. I transplanted into bigger buckets n thx you all for info

Your link isnt working.