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2 white runtz. (bag seeds) started

The white runtz are a go!


Runts are growing well…2 roots each are coming out of the rockwool .

Just gave them a fresh drink of clonex nuetrients and irrigation water. I misted the dome. And i topped one of the runts last night. So i put that top in clonex gel and and stuck it in a cube…really just for fun i didnt want to toss it out. I can trade it to the hydroponics store employee for supplies if it roots nicely.

Transplanted the white runts into 2 gallon fabric pots.

Here they are in plastic pot as i had no more small fabric pots.

When i transplant i used a spray bottle and some MYKE root mochorizae. i spray the root ball with water and rub “myke” onto it and sprinkle some into the pots.