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2020 cannabis initiatives

So AZ will vote on adult use this year (barely failed in 2016) and I’m really happy. Have to double check grow provisions but I think we’ll be able to cultivate 6+ plants.

What’s happening in your state (or country for that matter)? What’s the latest on the cannabis laws?


I live in Colorado and we can grow 12 plants at different stages. Which is stupid. I was told by someone on here that he has a medical card and he can grow 75 at a time.

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NZ just made medicinal cannabis legal but only two products are approved and still heaps of talk of harm of cannabis causing concern.
There is a recreational referendum (vote) and there is heaps of anti cannabis propaganda going on.

What i dont understand is how people can by unlimited paracetamol from supermarket unregulated ( a young person just OD and died here) and alcohol is as cheap as ever with methamphetamine THE most accessible drug at the moment- but the haters still want to persecute cannabis.???
With growing scientific proof of minimal harm and the endocannabonoid system research on the up people still want to revert to some shit about prohabition.
Take employment for example, the only drug that shows up consistently on the test( which to my understanding are not that accurate and dosnt indicate impairment) is cannabis. People can get jobs on meth FFS.
I have experienced this plant for my entire life and cannot understand why its so persecuted.?

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South Africa just implemented a potential new framework for cannabis laws, and it sucks. - unlimited for seeds and seedlings

  • four flowering plants for those living alone, or eight for homes with two adults or more
  • 600 grams of dried cannabis if you live alone, or 1.2 kilograms in homes with two or more adults.

It sounds great from face value, and yes decriminalisation is really happening, but the law is open to abuse and in corrupt SA its already been seen that the new law is going to be used to punish growers. Dealing in cannabis you can face up to 15 years in prison, this is a problem, but on the bright side it is down by 10 years from the old laws of cannabis.

Bottomline is it great to be able to “legally” grow cannabis, even if you are limited to only 4 flowering plants.

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Yes I hope the majority yes vote occurs. proposed use is 20yrs age and above and we can have two plants each or max four per household. have 14gs on person and can purchase that per day. no advertising at all- not sure how that works - word of mouth? No public use - NZ aiming to be smokefree in environment by 2025!! only in private residence and licenced premises
I have just applied for a medical cannabis prescription and i must say its not progressing at all.
I have extensive trauma history and believe i am a candidate but it seems like you have to be actually on deaths door to get it.
I hope it can happen for myself and the multitudes of people that could actually benefit from cannabis.
I am not sure of the law or changes outside these parameters but i imagine they will be severe still.

Hi @chrisD!

In Ecuador, the regulations about Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial #hemp cultivation will go into effect on October 19th for Cannabis with less than 1% THC.
The draft of the regulation states a minimum of 25 hectares for open air hemp, 10 for greenhouse hemp and 5 for Medicinal cannabis.

We, as civil society organizations, are fighting for a small community licensing of 300 square meters and 3 hectares for hemp.

Let’s see what happens!


(Right now we are working with the ministry of agriculture in the regulation)

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That is actually great news, that more and more countries are legalizing cannabis. This way is much easier to control its use and prevent some people from overusing it. You know this thing when you tell a person not to do something, he wants it even more… Same thing here. When people are given the liberty to use it, they loose interest in it slightly. When my son was using it behind our backs it was one thing, but when after doing a 14 panel drug test for a family thing that fact showed up he was ashamed of it… As I said because now he isn’t doing it with any adrenaline.

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My state Utah sucks ass. We just barely got high point beer after 130 yrs. Were are a ass backwards state. If you apply for medical marijuana you have to have a permit for every month and if you get the card you lose all control of your guns. And conceal and carry permits. I have enough health issues that i qualify many many times over. But i will be damned if they take my right to bear arms. And we can olny grow 6 plants and has to outdoors and 300 feet away from any houses or places people live and you have to be more than 25 miles from the closest dispensary. Its a joke cant do shit here.


The gun thing is what keeps a lot of people I know from getting their AZ med cards

oddly enough oklahoma has been very cool to the growers here. License to commercial grow is 2500. There are always the major hoops to jump thru still.

The allowance sucks though.
My personal allows 6 flower 6 veg. Outside to to remain out of site.
8ozs in home, 1 oz of concentrate, 3ozs on person in public.


I’m in Illinois and they just made it legally recreationally this year. I have had my medical card for almost a year now so that allows me to grow up to 5 plants myself.

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Hi again friends:

I’ll have a panel this thursday 24th at 7.30 pm (-5 GMT, Ecuador time) about the new Cannabis industry in Ecuador. Please, RT and share in your social networks, I’ll really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot!

What ive pretty much found out is that if you just state you dont have a card in MT they wont dive in and check. many of my friends regularly purchase firearms with a card.