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2020 lets grow jo

Hello. First post since intro. Not new grower but not veteran. Stopped since a close scare from a black ghetto bird few years back. Super budget grow, with ph 7-8 sandy soil… ammend-ing

My “seed bank”, greatly expanded thnx to a veteran and decorated member of this forum. Asphalt plant aka all gas og (local shop, humboldt seed co) white x cherry pie, fpog x stardawg, blue god (the forum veteran)

My “ppfd” sensor, i mean it works. Full sun gives 2000+, light thru shade cloth enough for vegging ~500. T5 2ft fluoro,nothing. 50w halogen mr16 bulb 500-2000 5in to .
1 in. 14w led par38 bulb ~300-500 3in to .1
In (my current light, found of course)

The ladies, outter 4 is asphalt. Middle is blue god & whitexcherryP

Uploading: 20200206_121751.jpg…

Started mid january so maybe week 3 or 4.
-stay Frosty