2020 the full family

that’s very one sour og cheese , peyote kritical , the Gglue#4 I also got some strawberry cough going but im letn her stay out side for the last weeks of her life she motherd alot

Looks nice. How big is that tent?

I think

Thers only 8 plants in the tent I can’t fit them all in the pic ther all about 5and ahlf feet tall buds about as long as my for arm and almost the with of my hand

I was expirementing this time and burned them a lil bit making some changes to my ppm and pH in mid flower

Jealous of the size

always learing

Takes time brother man and plants are my passion not jus canabis I grow alot of everything

Cactus is where it’s at to man there insane

If u ever get a chance grow the sour of cheese by far one of my favorites and yeilds the best for me

@PreyBird1 this was the og cheese , glue #4 , peyote kritical grow

The strawberry cough wasn’t in there because I had motherd her for almost a yr and a hl

And I can’t fit the whole tent in my shitty phone camera I think might invest inn a real one