2022 outdoor shitshow grow

Hey ladies and gents,

So some of you might have seen last years grow, let’s just say it got a little out of hand :joy::joy::joy:. I thought growing 12 massive plants outside with no one to help keep up on water/daily/weekly plant checks and preventative maintenance. Well I quickly realized that it wasn’t feasible for me. My grow was a 7 month shit show that ended with 10 lbs of amazing smoke.

So let’s fast forward. I found a few seeds in some of my buds throughout the year as I was smoking. Decided ah hell with it mine as well grow them this year. Only started 6 this year, currently down to three after weeding out males. But here is my current dilemma that’s got me stumped.So at least one of my plants preflower calyx are all pollinated (white pistil turning red and receding and the calyx itself is swelling and has a tiny little green seeding starting inside it. But my plant hasn’t started to flower yet so how could there be any pollen to pollinate plants if it’s not even the start of bud season……so males aren’t even dropping pollen yet. So is someone trying to fuck with me? Or is there something else that I don’t know or am not thinking about in this situation?


I’m not sure if I have some mixed sex bananas coming in on these lower branches or if they are just stunted pre-flowers from not getting sun


One of mine did similar was nanners due to not getting enough light is what i gathered as i didnt have any more issues the whole grow as far as nanners. id clean up any of those areas that arent getting sun and just keep an eye on it.


Thank you for the advice. I’ll give it a try