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2nd Grow COCO

Hello, been a while since ive posted… LIFE…
I harvested my first grow. I completely screwd it up and had a 1oz yield. (3 plants) on a lighter note, the smoke is pretty good!!

Now Im growing in Coco and after noticing i was feeding way to high of PH level, I have eveything pretty close to dialed in
PH between 5.4-5.8
PPM for the smaller ladies between 350-500
For the larger ladies 500 -750 (slowly increasing to test) water ever other day
Things are really booming…
Im noticing purple stems so i will be incrasing the cal-mag dosage… but you input is highly appreciated!!!
My babys

My big girls


Your plants look real healthy to me @pressure_42o. They look like they love their environment, you can tell by the way your top leaves are folding and reaching for the light. Your tent also looks real neat and clean. :+1::+1:

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Roots started growing outside my fabric pot… made a flower box… added cley pepples to keep gnats down and help drainage…
They are making me proud, budding starts in the 1st!!


Crazy growth!! I started decreasing the amt of light. Looks like i will fill my tent completely!! 2nd grow and im killing it this go around!!!


My veg tent is wall to wall now… im pretty sure these will take over this space pretty soon… I will flower them 3-4 at a time once my flower tent is free…
Strains in Veg: 1x cherry pie reg 2x Afghan reg
2x Wedding Cake fem 2x Blue Kush fem 1x Cotton Candy reg 1x Sour D fem
Think i can maintain this space for 3 months? Lmao i doubt it… new tent needed…smh
Anyone have any experience with these strains??


I think your going to run out of room in there 3 months from now @pressure_42o. You could probably make it with constant LST to keep the plants from overgrowing each other. But I think you have some strains that get pretty bushy in veg. I just grew a white SuperSkunk plant, and that’s SuperSkunk crossed with another Afghan. It was pretty wide.
Your plants are all looking really good my friend!

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