4/2 poll for our pros!

Hello @memberdirectory ! Wanted to thank you for your help as we get ready to launch the new Canna Cribs podcast. Can I get you to help me out again?

What kind of interview would you be most interested in hearing on a Canna Cribs podcast? Choose 2-3 :slight_smile:

  • Interviews with producers, processors, retailers and ancillary companies about their journey into the cannabis industry, their current business and where they see the future of the industry
  • Interviews with Canna Cribs fans about their home grow, providing real-time feedback on how to elevate their craft
  • Interviews with world-renowned geneticists to learn the history behind legendary cultivars
  • Interviews with subject matter experts to dig deep into each life cycle of the plant, such as genetics, propagation, vegetation, flowering, etc.
  • Interviews with people in the industry that can speak to topics related to COVID-19
  • Stories of how you use cannabis and CBD
  • Non-standard users of cannabis, professional athletes for recovery and performance

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I’m interested in a “closed” system greenhouse environment using organic practices and would prefer living soil if possible:) ty for asking:)


I am w/ Diane, exactly what she described!

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