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453 grams per gallon

I totaled my grow expenses for last year, and gallons of nutrients bought. I’ve been using the same synthetic nutes for years, now growing in a hydro light dep setup in the SW. To my surprise i used exactly one ($30) gallon of nutrients for ever one pound grown. I don’t even know if that’s good, but it’s interesting and i want to know.

If you can figure how many grams per gallon you get or if in soil how much straight cash homie you pay for nutrients per gram that’d be sweet.



I love to work on that . Increase yield use less products. Lmk if interested in collaborating


wow, let me guess. no one wanted to post because 1 you dont believe me and 2 you’re no where near me? lol

Nutritions are overrated , they dont make big difference . The difference maker is the 1.Light ; 2.Medium/Oxygen 3.Environment-Temperature/Humidity 4. Water and the on the last place Nutritions . But the companies from all this components can make most money from the Nutes . I have been in the fitness long time , you enter in the GNC and all kind of separate packed amino acids , and all that amino acids you have in one whey protein , but a novice doesnt know that and he will exit the shop with full bag of supplements . There is no nutes especially for roots,smell,taste etc , you cant find that in horticulture literature , depends from the growth phase the plant like some nutes more then other . Even big commercial growers that they swear in some company they are paid to advertise , same as bodybuilders that advertise some companies , and they even dont use it . :smiley:

In the horticulture the regular feeding is not because the plant is hungry , its more because of maintaining stable EC in the root zone, and stable osmosis . And Cannabis with EC range from 1.0 to 3.0 is in the group of salt sensitive plants…

Your bodybuilding sups to nutrients analogy is as off as your English, and punctuation. Did you even read my post? At no point was i asking to compare nutes. I simply asked what people spent on them per lb grown. What you’re rambling about has no place here.

Lol , i bet you are one of those guys that use molasses in hydroponic/inert systems . And my English , is one of my four foreign languages :smiley:

If water is actually above nute cost for most growers (and i find that hard to buy) it just shows how little sense it makes to grow in medium at all.

Per Greenhouse i spent about 2000$ on nutrition , and average yield is 300lbs from the same GH, growing average yielders like OG’s , just with passive environment control . So that will be 6.6$ per lbs , idk what r u doing with those 30$ :smiley: Are u indoor ?

Numbers, FINALLY! Thank you. To answer your question, I’m greenhouse light dep hydro. Why? Too long a story for here. Bottom line trying to see how what i do stacks up to the vast majority of the industry growing in soil beds. If you’re outside the states though thats gonna make it tricky, i doubt your consumerism is nearly as high as ours is here.

$6.66 a lb for nutes is well, nicer than $30. Its actually $27 i was a lil high, pun intended. You got me by 4x in nute cost. So whats your bottom line cost per gram and what expenses go into it? After Nutes Electric Water and Gas im at $0.22 per gram mostly thanks to needing no flowering lighting yr round. No medium or dehumidification costs either. Industry is around $2/gram i read, but not sure if they’re counting labor… of which there’s a lot less if you dont grow canopy.

EDIT: At 2 gallon per plant per day for 16 weeks in my setup (high guess cuz i know they only use 2/per in flower at 6’) im spending $0.20 cents a pound on water. You sure you spend more on water than nutes?