5-Day Clone Rooting

Clones on day 5 after cutting. Done with minute amounts of Key Grow Solutions White Royal, Red Royal, and kelp extract in IHORT plugs.

Anyone else hitting roots in 3-5 days?


I will be soon :sunglasses:


We do regularly. I use clonex gel. I dip the rockwool starter cubes into a mild water mix. Our average is 5-7 days with roots out of the bottom. My wife has the record. She busted roots in 24 hrs. My record is 48 hrs. If your busting roots like you are at 5 days then your doing things spot on. Remember this…don’t fix it if ain’t broken…meaning…stay with what your doing cuz its looking bad ass.

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The key of fast cloning is dry environment , no humidity domes , no excess of water , and expect roots in 4-5 days , the plant will be forced to root. On higher humidity they will look better - greener but rooting will be delayed … and of course it depends for the strain the rooting time . Number one issue with failed cloning are the humidity domes , they should be ONLY used in dry environments when the cutting cant stand straight by itself …

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We have used the 2” domes under a 4’ light for years. I have not personally watched anyone root plants out quickly with out using a dome or increasing the humidity. I have stuck some clones I wasnt keeping in a sponge and threw them in the trash. No lid or anything and they did root out in like 5 days. It was funny looking, but they did it. Hahaha

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