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500+ million CBD and CBG Hemp Seeds for sale WITH OFFTAKE!

Ready to ship with offtake agreements, my company Global CBD has more than 500 million CBD and CBG seeds. Offtake agreements for up to 700 acres, have your crop sold before you plant. Contact Joel Bordeaux at 208-340-9414 and get your order in while supplies last! We have lab tests for each strain, see sample in images!

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Hi @mattjantz

Welcome to GN. Please take it easy by not posting your sales pitch in too many categories. We happy for you promote your seeds, but all within limits. Look forward to you sharing and joining in other topics.

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If only I grew hemp…lol… all the best selling them… I know of no one who grows it personally… it seems to have evolved quite a bit since the head ache days…

Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback. I was just trying to get it in front of folks I thought would have a need, but I’ll only post in one spot moving forward. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Well,this is an old post…but i grow hemp lol and we’ve chatted…so you know someone growing hemp now hahahahaha But as I said in lst conversations, I am more into cbg than cbd. Anyway, hope your grows looking bad ass!!!

Thanks and getting there… we got thieves out at night and I haven’t been hit so far but I have a 120lb ridge back boxer mix…

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