7 days left to reserve your right to challenge new USDA regulations

You need to comment to reserve your right to challenge these new USDA regulations. USDA basically proposing:

  1. Sampling via DEA registered labs only
  2. Sampling via top 2 inches of hemp flower only
  3. 15 day harvest rule
  4. Strict 0.3% THC limit
  5. 3 strike penalty system that will ban you from the industry if you go inadvertently hot (over 0.5% THC) 3x within 5 years

Source: Phytonyx urging hemp farmers to oppose new USDA regulations

You can read the proposed regulations and comment here:

Please do so before it’s too late and ask your hemp industry friends to do so too. This affects us all, we’re all in this together


Thank you for posting this. YES! please comment

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