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8 week flowering

I just was rag reading and came across this 7 fast flowering cannabis strains

This mean 6.5 turns per 52 week year. You could almost make money if you used an S4 spacing queue. Need to calculate a schedule.

Know I need to figure out what the big producers are claiming for grams per square foot week.

From the voices in my head Ethan


I am not familiar with S4 spacing, can you describe that?

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Some guy came up with greenhouse spacing models for potted plants
S1 sold in the container grown in like bedding plants
S2 would be cutting in a pot then to final spacing
S3 is like mums, rooted cuttings in final pot, pot to pot, one respace to final sale.
S4 cutting, pot to pot, first spacing, second spaceing, final spacing. Poinsettias are most often S4 spacing in premium grows.

There is a different model used for cut flowers.

The spacing models let you get extra turns in space. You see a12% change in space usage by based on model so it depends a number of factors. Mostly how much time is it going to be in my greenhouse. The longer the time in my houses the more times I am willing to respace. It labor vs turns of space. If I can get 8 turns of space in a year vs 7 turns of space I want the eight turns.

The other consideration is what percentage of space is usable in the grow space. With rolling benches alone 80% plus usable growing area. With palitized or Dutch benches you can get close to 100% growible space. Regular benching fixed 50 to 75% usable space. I want to afford Dutch benches. Do all work in a headhouse. Rolling cat walks for the master grower to monitor plants.

So just think if you could have 100% space utilization with 7 turns of space for cannabis on say 20k square feet. That would be about 4 million grams of cannabis a year, if I can use a seed or cutting verity in an S4 configuration. Full drip irrigation.
Seed would be ideal. Probably grow in a smaller finished container top size I think would be a 2.5 gallon container, smaller would be better 8 inch clay would be my first choice clay stub vs a standard and treat the damb plants like pot mum. Might be able to push the grams produced on a 8 inch clay to 5 million grams. 65% flower to leaf ratio. Like to push it to 75% to 80% flower by dry wieght. 8 inch pot might give me some natural dwarrfing. :shushing_face:

Dwart triploids be ideal. Might get an extra 20 to 30% in dry wieght. If cannabis is like the rest of the plant world. Triploids are fat little pigs :crazy_face:

But I can see potential. 10 to 20k sqft of growing space plus an equal amount of headhouse processing space. Plus office space. I would be a happy camper at anything over 20 cents a gram would be profit. Need to run the numbers to check.

I might do Dutch flood benches. Because I think I could have more root hairs. More root hairs means more potential dry wieght, top growth and secondary compounds.

Want to get away from any nets supports. The plant need to support themselves.

Now I am ignoring state law, because it different everywhere.

But you get the idea. This is why I am beating up the light guys. The light needs to be really good and tuned to the cultivar and week of production. If I am going to pay the capital investment on lights for 20k feet. I want them right from the get go. I would hope for 5 years on the lights for depression and replacement schedule. Still better than HID.

I think @neville, @jonw, @fdousty and @Growernick might like this idea.

From the voices in my head



Location would be key factor.

Want city water rather treat treated water.

Temperature is next. As close to 68 degrees year round. Rather heat than cool.

Electric cost is next. Like off peak electric companies. Store ice for cooling? Store electric in bricks for heat?

Hot water for heat.

Dutch benching.

Netafim irrigation.

HE Anderson. Injectors


Light ?

HVAC @neville

Grow method? Hydro flood or drip/rock or spray rock or soilless medium? Which will give highest return?

Fertilizer. Picked. @ron

Building Nexus for all. Not sure on style. Depends more on air consistency. That @neville can come up with to hit the center bullseye on VPD.

Heat hot water radiant.

Biological control


COA for QA CMM5 level accounting.

Lab yes how big how many sections

R&D own greenhouses. 10 about 500 sf identical to grow spaces in layout but fixed benching Dutch.

Drying method. Freeze drying of flash frozen product. Praxair nitrogen. Driers sizes to 50 % of batch.

CO2 praxair. Delivery method? Netafim?

Increase air moment root zone?

QA driver of operations.

Automate anything I can. IOTT

Measure anything I can and everything.

Backup power generac or comones? UPS apc. Full auto run load weekly test dr.

Computers 100% cloud. Microsoft Azure.

Communication backup? Sat?

Internet 1gig fiber. To first DMZ to distribution switches and sub array 2.4/5G memo cel ip6 inside private domain. Microtik. Orange book. 5 Networks. Full DMZ nested set model. Full VPN on all external communication. Route all tcp/ip through MSA? VPN through DMZ logical routers at MSA.

Databases all IBM DB2 blades? Probably. IBM hosting with VPN to Azure, likely.

Scheduling Microsoft project with DB2 backend.

Messaging? SMTP v2 all automation devices. Dude for network or Kiwi.

Workflow? Really want my tool. But should look at ready ware.

Accounting quick-book or DD WD new cloud financial?

Reporting windward!

RF tag everything
Full service dinning free on site 24/7

Paystyle base plus profits sharing. Rewards for proactive solutions. 10:1 pay scale.

10% corporate giving in industry stem, scholarships, funded work of 5% local.

Genetic full time
Math for hire
IT lead but tech on contact COvansys or Rakesh new firm?

Video everything.

Control of plant access 2N 18 month contract. Plus RF motion. T&L enrtyway. May require thirds party real-time solution. HD’ vendor.

All marketing and pr via AimClear.

Distribution channels?

Data logger iPhone company supplied.

Phone 3cx cloud. 4 or 8 line?

Color code IP rings. GBYOR protocol? Yes.

Cat 6 x2 to every device or outlet switch light all home runs.

Electric all home runs. 400 amp panels in panel room one for of each of 16 rooms near upc room next to nerve center command control.

CRM what form?

Procurement and scheduling