84K SqFt Indoor Cultivation Space Available

Hi Everyone,

We have ±84K sq/ft of “Big Box” space available, zoned for cultivation, volatile and non-volatile extraction, as well as distribution. One of advantages is the location, which is right on I-10. Power upgrades are available.

One of the most compelling things about this space is the low total cost of operations. The cultivation tax, for example, is only $3/sq/ft. If anyone would like to get more details, please let us know.

Fritz Boudreaux
Coldwell Banker Commercial, Lyle & Assoc.
Palm Desert, CA
mobile: 832-993-9731

This is my first time posting here, so I’d like to ask for feedback on this post. There are quite a few discussions around indoor vs. greenhouse, etc.

I think both have their merits. It seems that one of the main advantages of indoor spaces is the high level of control over the indoor environment. Greenhouses, by contrast, have a significant cost advantage.

Two things, I think, set this building apart are 1) inexpensive lease rate, inexpensive cultivation tax rate, ample power and water. 2) it is along the I-10 corridor, which will always be an important logistics corridor, especially when cannabis becomes legal Federally.

Am I on the right track with these assumptions?